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Bishop Black: ‘I’m a massive exhibitionist’

Tomorrow is the release of Dominate Me in XConfessions – a BDSM-tale about a man who longs to be dominated by a woman. That man is played by Bishop Black – he’s new to XConfessions, and we’re a bit obsessed with him! Originally from London, he left the U.K five years ago for Berlin. Bishop has a background in performance art and also studies and works as a massage therapist. Bishop spoke to us about performing in adult films, BDSM, massage, pushing boundaries, race, and not being ashamed of what you enjoy sexually. Ladies and gentlemen, the amazing Bishop Black!

This man is a whole world of interesting things.

You’re new to XConfessions – so firstly, welcome! 

Thank you very much!

You’re a massage therapist – please tell us more. 

I do Thai yoga massage, and started studying it last year. I like bodies. Like everyone else! I like touching, pressing, feeling, rubbing, pulling, grabbing, the list could go on and on! So I thought why not do something about that…. I wasn’t really into the idea of classical massage, because I thought it was too boring, but Thai popped up… and it’s pretty good!

“I like touching, pressing, feeling, rubbing, pulling, grabbing… the list could go on and on!”

– Bishop Black on massage

Excuse the cheesy question, but could you tell us a bit about your interests and passions? 

Haha! I feel like I have ever evolving passions. I love beaches and forests and being away from the city whenever I can. I love listening to atmospheric or euphoric music. I enjoy losing myself in conversations with people. And meditating.

What made you take the step into adult films? 

I decided to step into adult films because I think it’s always a good way to see your limits and boundaries challenged in a way that makes you learn about yourself, your body and how you interact and relate with people in sexual way. Also I’m an exhibitionist.

How did you become part of the XConfessions cast? 

By accident…! No, I had heard about Erika Lust from several friends and I was interested in her work, as a female pornographer, so I went to find out more and apply for a casting. It happened I was going to Barcelona end of last year, and got in touch with them. I happened to apply at the right time. And then the short was created!

Have you had a lot of experience with acting in adult films before? 

I have worked with some other directors in the past, mainly in Berlin, but I also have made a few in London as well. Solo and duo work mostly.

The trailer for dominate me looks amazing – what was the shooting like? 

Dominate Me was the first femdom film I made, with an emphasis on BDSM. I had a great co actor (Silvia Rubi) and it was a really cool, professional environment. I think it’s a pretty hot film and I had fun doing it.

“I think being of color, there are not enough films out showing this sort of interest – like a black guy being dominated, because he likes to, and I’m not ashamed of it.”

– Bishop Black on starring in Dominate Me

So Dominate Me was your first Femdom film – do you have much previous experience with BDSM? 

I have made another BDSM, actually it was the first film I appeared in, which was a gay film, when I was 23. That was pretty fun, and also pretty hardcore… some things worked, some things… not so much. But in regards to BDSM since, I have been into Bondage for a while, and had done a few shows here and there with different riggers. But randomly in my private life, I don’t do so much hardcore stuff! My sex life is only edging kinky!

Why did you want to be in Dominate Me? 

I liked the idea of being dominated on camera. I like working with topics such as submission and role play, and I’m a massive exhibitionist. I think also being of color, there are not enough films out showing this sort of interest – like a black guy being dominated, because he likes to, and I’m not ashamed of it.

Such a strong presence.
Bishop Black on set in Dominate Me

Don’t miss Bishop Black in Dominate Me, premiering tomorrow!



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