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Ramon Nomar is Abducted!

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My Abduction Fantasy

Ramon Nomar and Katana – what an insanely hot couple! I’ve been dying to shoot some kind of abduction fantasy for years, but I never knew how to approach the idea without it feeling exploitative or like there was a question of consent. Until this confession came along! With a perfect twist, the massive rugby player boyfriend wanting to be dominated by his lithe and petite girlfriend. I wanted to keep an element of surprise around the film, so I won’t give too much away, but just know that there is definitely consent, and it is even quite romantic!

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My girlfriend and I watched this video a few nights ago. I don’t think she took it seriously, but I can’t stop thinking about it. I feel like I’m becoming obsessed.

In my head, I want her to abduct me. She’s pretty tiny and I’m a rugby player so she’s not very dominant. But the fear, I think that would subdue me. If she blindfolded me, took me by surprise. Made me feel helpless and weak for the first time. I wouldn’t be able to do anything. Unlike the video I want to go all the way. She’ll plan every detail and do everything to me that’s sexually possible. She’ll make me submissive.

From the Confession by Rick79

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One of the things I like most about working with Ramon is that he is such a sweetheart – which you kind of don’t expect from such an incredibly famous, macho performer! But when he works with me, you really see the sensitive, loving side of him come out and it’s so incredibly sexy to see him let his guard down. This doesn’t stop him being an absolute beast when it comes to sex though! Fortunately, this is what Katana and the scene needed – she’s a dominating force who is pushing him to push her harder and harder to her limits. It’s the most gymnastic, athletic sex I’ve shot – and it’s totally hot!

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All the photos in this blog are by my friend Adriana Eskenazi, who is my official photographer! She is also a Guest Director on XConfesisons.

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