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Sex Docs from XConfessions

Introducing the latest release from my XConfessions series:


Explicit Documentary Films that get under the skin… and the covers

Are you ready to get up close and personal behind the camera with performers and real people, letting you into their sexual worlds? I’ve released one of my favourite collections so far. Sex Dox is a selection of all of the films from the XConfessions series that are a real documentary! That includes two circus performers who let us in on why and how they’ve incorporated sexuality into their circus work; a round-table discussion on Feminism and BDSM (featuring me!) and 4 more exquisite films.

⚡️ 🔥 💥

Buy the collection here! 🔥🔥

As you know my Lusties, the whole premise behind my films and the XConfessions series is to take sex and sexuality back from the knife’s edge it’s resting on in mainstream porn, where it becomes purely performative and lacks any real pleasure. I try to work with performers who genuinely like working with each other – and have a natural chemistry that you can see on screen. This includes lots of real couples engaging in real sexual pleasure with each other, but it also includes getting down and dirty with some real documentaries!


Featuring 6 original films from the XConfessions series, click on the title to see the individual trailers below!

I’m Obsessed with Owen Gray
Circus Aerius Perversus
We Are the (fucking) World
Noir & Daryl
Tie Me Up! A Shibari Documentary
Feminist and Submissive

And buy the collection here!

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