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Sex Work is Work Part 2: A Cam Session, a Solo Scene + More

NEW RELEASE | XConfessions
Sex Work is Work Part 2

“We are not damaged goods!”

Sex work is as diverse and multifaceted as its operators and users. There are different reasons for sex workers to enter the market, there are a million different ways they chose to execute their jobs and there are millions of individual stories out there. Demonising sex work and presenting it as a single-sided evil is grounded in the false assumption that all sex work is sex-trafficking and in the end, one way or another, always involuntary and morally repugnant.We need to acknowledge that there is a tremendous amount of voluntary sex workers out there. Some of them find their work empowering and rewarding. Others view it simply as a way to make a decent living, while yet others, just like in any other industry, dislike it. But no matter what, we need to respect sex workers autonomy in making choices for themselves and we can’t deny them their right to safety and protection. Feminism and Human Rights need to include the rights of sex workers, because I think in the end we all have the same goal: To make voluntary sex work as safe as possible and to stop sex-trafficking.

Filming this documentary style erotic movie for you was not only a lot of fun and I think the result is incredibly sexy, it was also a matter of the heart. For far too long we have been talking about sex workers a lot instead of talking to them and I feel very privileged to be in a position were I can give them a platform to a wider audience to share their infinite wisdoms.

In the second part of Sex Work is Work, I focus on one of the most modern and un-researched forms of erotic services: The Art of Camming. Artists and professional cam-models Moth & Rust gave me an exciting insight into their world in front of the camera and an exclusive private show for my very own XConfessions performer, cam-girl, and true friend Maria Riot. Shooting with the three of them was such a delight and the movie shows in the hottest way possible that many sex workers are very happy and fulfilled in their work. So please, let them do what they do best and take you to a land of pleasure, intimacy and honesty that will leave you feeling uplifted – and not shameful. Sex Work is REAL Work!

Watch the trailer below! 

I got into camming a while ago, after being obsessed with watching it for a really long time. There is something about watching a cam girl that is totally different from porn – apart from the obvious. I like the interaction, it feels like real sex. I feel like I could jut reach out and touch them, and when they look at the camera it’s like they’re looking straight at me. I try to achieve this when I cam.

My biggest fantasy is to have a private session with this one couple I’ve been watching. I find their chemistry so alluring – you can tell they are a real couple. I want to be able to communicate with them too, but I don’t want them to see me. So when they are having sex, they are looking at the camera too, and it feels like they’re looking at me. I want them to imagine what I look like – not knowing that I’m a cam girl myself. I want to know that they are in that room, giving me their undivided attention, and that they want to be there and enjoy it. I know it’s a job for them, but I know from experience that with the right people it is mainly pleasure….

Cam_Girl_4_Cam_Girls’ confession on xconfessions.com



Watch Sex Work is Work Part 2 on XConfessions now!

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Get Behind the Scenes below!

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All photos in this post are by Adriana Eskenazi

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