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Sweet But Psycho… A Very Famous Foursome

NEW RELEASE | XConfessions
Sweet But Psycho

I have a new release on XConfessions! And this one is super exciting. We have four of my absolute favourite performers – all real-life friends, performing for the first time ever all together! They are also four of the most famous faces in alternative indie adult cinema: Amarna Miller, Mickey Mod, Vex Ashley and Owen GraySweet But Psycho is based on an absolutely hilarious confession about swingers; and my film is a foursome that, I hope, looks like so much fun that you will be green with envy!



Rural house in the forest, 2 hours away from civilization, we serve the best organic food, we are also a digital detox resort (no wifi, no 3g, almost no network). We are a caring and loving couple, you will never regret spending a healthy and happy weekend at our place. 7 rooms, organic cotton sheets, swimming pool, bbq. You name it, we provide.

(What they don’t tell you is that you go there, and this couple walk around half naked in the house, and they are constantly grabbing each other, hitting on my man, trying to swing. It was psycho, but sweet… but psycho.)


From TripAdvisor’s confession Sweet But Psycho.

Exclusive interviews here with Amarna, Mickey and Vex.

Following excellent ratings on the Trip Advisor website, Amarna and Mickey book a room in a guest house in the mountains of Spain. When they arrive however, it appears that they are the only guests in the hotel, along with their attractive yet disconcertingly friendly hosts – Vex and Owen.

After lightly joking that they will probably be “having an orgy after lunch”, Mickey and Amarna head down to have an awkward and tension filled meal with their enigmatic hosts. After several glasses of wine however, the guests stars to loosen up, and are seduced into a cheeky dip in the pool… What happens next, you’ll have to watch and see!

I’ve worked with Amarna so many times now and been so impressed with her, that I decided to release a special collection!

Amarna for XConfessions is available on my store, and features 8 steamy, fetishistic and deeply erotic films! 



I so enjoyed working with four people who know and care about each other so well and so deeply. I feel like the chemistry between them is deliciously palpable: the film is filled with giggling and laughter, but also an easy-going atmosphere that I wanted to use to highlight how comfortable they are with each other. Because of this, it feels like a truly voyeuristic experience, witnessing real people having very real sexual pleasure with each other. A highlight is the ever-alluring Amarna giggling and saying “No, I don’t want to come yet! I want to last longer!” By keeping moments like this in the film, and in fact highlighting them, I wanted to capture and explore a natural realism and sensuality within a scene that, in mainstream porn, would normally have the two lead men high-fiving each other or ignoring each other – instead, I ensured all the performers have equal screen time, seem equally satisfied and all having an incredible time.

We had an incredibly fun day on set too – with the barbecue and the baking heat. The crew even took a dip in the pool to cool down! I really enjoyed working with all of these performers – and you can guarantee that, if they want to, we will definitely be working together again! Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming films featuring more of Owen Gray too – we have Feminist and Submissive and I’m Obsessed With Owen Gray coming up in the next few months….

Watch Sweet But Psycho on XConfessions now!

In XConfessions, people from all over the world share their sexual stories and fantasies. Every month I pick two and turn them into cinematic short films. Still not a member of XConfessions? Register now! Or share your sexual fantasy, and it might become a short film 😉

* All photos in this post: Are by Adriana Eskenazi

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